Scalp Micropigmentation
For Men

Addressing one of the leading causes of low confidence in men, scalp micropigmentation is the modern and low maintenance solution for hair loss, adopted by more than half a million men worldwide.

Unlike traditional baldness remedies like surgery, pills and lotions, SMP is guaranteed to work, is permanent and provides men with real closure. Most of our clients simply forget about hair loss and are able to put a stop to their anxieties around losing their hair.

At Scalp Nation we will guide you through your hair restoration journey from start to finish. From initial consultation through to the look of the the iconic buzz-cut, fresh from the barbers chair.

A recent client after his scalp micropigmentation treatment

Resident scalp micropigmentation practitioner Will Quaye hard at work

Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation?

There are a myriad of different benefits to receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment. With the obvious main one being it will restore your hairline to it’s former appearance. Yet another of the ultimate upsides of this innovative and contemporary procedure is the fact that it is actually guaranteed to work.

For generations men have tried to find a solution to the inherent problem of hair loss. From topical treatments to medication, supplements to transplants. The idea behind them is to promote hair growth. The cost is immeasurable and results are reputedly sketchy. SMP isn’t like that. It conceals the damage hair loss has caused, it doesn’t promise new hair growth.

If you are looking to restore your hairline with scalp micropigmentation you’ll be delighted to learn that the procedure is incredibly quick. Assessments are made to find the best-fit solution for your hair loss needs and thereafter, treatment can begin. When your SMP is completed you’ll be stepping out in style with a maintenance-free look that will enable you to rebuild confidence that hair loss took away.

Hair Loss & SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation is an obvious choice as a solution for your hair loss anxieties. It’s a hair restoration process that avoids invasive interventions, eliminating drawn-out recuperation times. As it’s not promoting new hair growth and also, it’s incredibly quick to gain a result, the focus of this procedure is to provide an undetectable cover-up that can last a lifetime.

If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, here at Scalp Nation,we work by assessing the extent of your condition whilst taking into account the possible evolution of your hair loss of time. Once an appropriate treatment plan is agreed, we book your first appointment for treatment.

After treatment is completed, you are provided with full and comprehensive guidelines for aftercare to ensure the best out of your treatment. Aftercare is a vital piece of the jigsaw to guarantee the longevity of your SMP.

Not just for the shaved look, scalp micropigmentation can also be used as a density filler